The Board of Directors at the Waldorf School of Bend is responsible for directing the business affairs of the school. This includes adopting policies & regulations and revising them as needed. The Board is also responsible for overseeing the financial operations of WSB, including fundraising. The Board appoints committees as it sees fit, in order to more efficiently manage the affairs of the school. The following are the current committees: Finance, Marketing, Playscape, Financial Aid, Artworks, and Wanderlust Ball. One representative from the Board serves on each committee and is responsible for ensuring that the work of that committee is on schedule and is consistent with the mission and values of WSB.

Another important role held by the Board is to hire, evaluate and supervise the school Director (Darren Hansen). The Board delegates to the Director any appropriate authorities necessary to the day to day management of WSB’s affairs. For example, some of the duties that have been delegated include managing administrative tasks, facilities maintenance, safety & security, budgeting & bookkeeping, etc. If you have seen Darren in action at school, you know he wears many, many hats.

Who is on the Board?

The current Board of Directors includes WSB parents and faculty who are committed to upholding the values & standards of Waldorf education at our school. Each Board member has chosen to serve on the board because they want to be involved in the growth and progress of this school. Following is a list of current Board members, their roles at WSB, and their WSB students:

  • Renee Ruder, Board President, Wanderlust Ball Committee, Mom to Sophie (5th grade) and Marielle (7th grade)
  • Scott Buckholz, Board Treasurer, Finance Committee, Dad to Nora (5th grade)
  • Allee Zapp, Board Secretary, Marketing Committee, and Mom to Wyatt (Kindergarten) and Beckett (2nd grade)
  • Nicole Handley, Member at Large, Mom to Hailey (2nd grade)
  • Ashley James, Member at Large, Mom to Wyatt (Kindergarten) and Bridger (EC)
  • Brian Peavey, Member at Large, Playscape Committee, Dad to Emi (2nd grade), Bella (5th grade), and Taylor (7th grade)
  • Jenny Copyak, Member at Large, Mom to Alana (5th grade) and Lily (7th grade)
  • Thom Routt, Faculty Rep, 5th grade teacher
  • Rachel Caldwell, Faculty Rep, Early Childhood teacher, Mom to Claire (3rd grade), Robert (6th grade), and Lily (8th grade)
  • Darren Hansen, Ex Officio Member, School Director, Dad to Cole (5th grade) and Eric (7th grade)

Want to learn more about them all?  Check out our Board of Director Bios.

These Board members play an active role behind the scenes as well as within the classrooms. They are happy to listen to feedback, answer questions, and generally support this school community. The Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM & welcomes visitors. If you are interested in attending a meeting or have a concern you’d like the board to address, please email Renee Ruder at

What is the Role of Board Directors at Waldorf School of Bend?

Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility – these three forces are the very nerve of education.
-Rudolf Steiner

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