Tuition Affordability Program

2024-2025 School Year

Accessibility for all students to attend

Already thousands of children in the United States have experienced Waldorf education and are contributing to social transformation in the world. One of the main challenges for Waldorf schools in North America is finding a way to include children from all economic levels in society while maintaining Waldorf schools as independent and self-administered schools. Our task is to work in a manner that is consistent with the goal of becoming a source of social change.

WSB’s Tuition Affordability Program is a way of attempting to work out of the original impulse of Waldorf education by making this education accessible to all families who value it. Through the tuition affordability program, the acceptance of a child into the school does not depend solely on the financial resources of the child’s family. Making this education accessible to more families is a step in working with a threefold understanding of Waldorf education. First, we honor the path that has led the child and family to the school. Second, recognizing that the family who may need tuition adjustment will stretch to meet the needs of the school and that the school will stretch to meet the needs of the family. And third, recognizing that we need each other to thrive and prosper.

Our tuition affordability program at WSB does not lessen the strong sense of fiscal responsibility. In fact it requires thorough budget preparation and ongoing review for continuous progress and the achievement of goals based on the values and ideals of Waldorf education.

Please take time to carefully consider the value the Waldorf School of Bend offers to your family as well as to others. If you believe your family would benefit from our tuition affordability program, we encourage you to apply for a tuition adjustment through our Smart Aid application. Financial aid is awarded in the form of tuition adjustments and is based on demonstrated financial need as assessed by our objective and confidential third party partner, Smart Aid. While Smart Aid provides an objective assessment, WSB makes all final adjustment decisions, taking into account the specific needs of each family, as well as a commitment to our school community, culture and Waldorf education.

The window to apply with Smart Aid opens on January 8th, 2024 for all currently enrolled families and closes on February 5th. Currently enrolled families will receive their tuition adjustment announcements by March 1st, 2024 so that they can plan for re-enrollment. For newly enrolling families, the recommended time to apply with Smart Aid is concurrent with an application to WSB. Questions about this process should be directed to the front office.



ERDC Subsidy Program

In addition to our Smart Aid application process, the Waldorf School of Bend also accepts Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) and Department of Human Services (DHS( childcare subsidy payments. Did you know that qualified candidates also can utilize these subsidy payments for our before care programs, after school programs and camps? To learn more about ERDC and to see if you qualify please follow this link:

Additionally, here is one of our blog posts explaining more about the ERDC program: