Summer Offerings

Waldorf School of Bend Summer Programs Starting June 21st 


Summer Care

Our early childhood morning summer care is thoughtfully designed with a supportive, nurturing daily rhythm that meets the young child’s needs, while also offering many special summertime activities and fun in the sun!

Our summer program is also a great way to prepare your child to start school in the fall, as they meet our teachers, make new friends, explore our classrooms and play yards, and adjust to a new environment and daily rhythms.

Summer Care Daily Rhythm

8:30 am

Welcome – Outdoor Tea & Nibbles

8:45 am

Outside Circle Time

9:00 am

Outside Play

9:45 am

Transition Inside – Potty Time

10:00 am

Art Activity

10:15 am


10:30 am

Wash Hands & Snack

11:00 am

Outside Play

12:00 pm


12:30 pm


Summer Camps Full of Fun for Ages 3 – 12!

Outdoor Adventure 

CLASS FULL- On Waitlist
June 21st-July 2nd

Through our outdoor adventure activities, your children
will build community, learn to become peer leaders, and
appreciate the beauty of nature!

Yoga and Mindfulness w/ Mindful Yogis

CLASS FULL- On Waitlist
June 21st-July 2nd

We inspire children to lead more present, positive, and
purposeful lives through the teachings of yoga and
mindfulness. Yoga is the connection of mind and body. We
will guide students through physical yoga postures, breath
techniques, mindfulness activities, and a community “give
back” project.

No School Monday July 5th

Wilderness Survival w/ Mr. Henry

Class FULL- On Waitlist
July 6th-July 16th

In Wilderness Survival, children will learn the seven
priorities for survival, first aid, and how to protect
themselves from insects, reptiles, bears and other local
animals. Children will create a natural shelter, a personal
survival kit, and learn knot tying, among other fun

Music & Movement w/ Ms. Genevieve

Class FULL- On Waitlist
July 19th-July 30th

Throughout history, humans have used dance to express
themselves. Children will explore their creativity within
music and dance. Creative movement is a fun way for your
child to express their excitement and release energy!

Biodynamic Farming w/ Ms. Cyndi

Class FULL- On Waitlist
August 2nd-August 13th

In this interactive beginner farm class, your child will
learn to investigate their connection to the food they eat.
Through guided regenerative farming techniques,
students will learn to plant, cultivate, harvest and prepare
food in a holistic way. Through their exploration of the
soil, plants and animals in the garden, they will create
community around the table. This will help them to
integrate communication, movement, and healthy habits,
all while expending energy outside!

Weird Science w/ Ms. Sarah

Class FULL- On Waitlist
July 19th-July 30th

Put on your lab coats and goggles and get ready to explore
the mysteries of the scientific world! Every day we will be
diving into different disciplines of science. From chemistry,
human biology, astronomy, and geology to marine biology,
plant biology, microbiology, and color science. Tailored
towards the minds of early childhood we will experience
science through hands-on experiments. The children will
be able to interact through sensory stimuli of touch, sight,
sound, and smell with each project. There is only one rule
to follow during this camp and that is that science rules!

Science Exploration w/ Mr. Miro

Class Full- On Waitlist
August 16th-August 27th

Bio coming soon.

Gymnastics & Tumbling w/ Ms. Genevieve

Class FULL- On Waitlist
August 30th-September 3rd

In this introductory gymnastics class, we will focus on
developing body awareness and a love for physical
movement. Gymnastics can help develop risk-taking
skills, build proprioception, and aid in overall gross motor


Class FULL- On Waitlist
August 30th-September 3rd

Effective communication is a vital skill in every aspect of
life. From learning in school, to developing friendships,
and within future careers, public speaking can be a big
fear. We will work through public speaking tools together
that will allow children to communicate with confidence,
eloquence, and civility.

Labor Day Break September 6th-10th


Morning Care

June 15th-September 4th

5 day- $1,950
3 day- $1,300
2 day- $920

Summer Camps

2 weeks- $245

All Summer Full Day

5 day- $3,420
3 day- $2,770
2 day- $2,100