In second grade students find themselves in juxtaposition to the world they have known, and the world yet to come. With a full year of grade school behind them, they enter the year with confidence and a sense of knowing. They still have every desire to please those around them, but they also feel the mischievousness that confidence can bring. Through stories about Saints and Fables, second graders learn about these polarities in the world. This literature from many cultures encourage the children to form their own inner pictures of moral character. Through this forming, the children awaken to the idea of service to others.

The second grade was able to offer two different service projects in October. At this age, the chosen service projects need to have an immediate impact for the children to see their worth. They do not yet think into the future. Our school uses the walkway to our local Orchard Park daily. To keep this space beautiful, the second grade partnered with the fifth grade to pick up trash for our whole community. Upon the walk back to school, all the students marveled at how many bags they had filled and how clean the pathway looked. Since then, they take more notice of trash that makes it way back onto the path. Observance is critical to learning and the sciences. In this way the second grade has laid a foundation for this future work.

October is also our Autumn Journey Festival. For this harvest celebration, each class carves Jack O Lanterns to light our path. This year the second grader partnered with the first grade to gather enough pumpkins at DD Ranch to support this endeavor. An entire morning was spent counting, recounting, dividing and sharing the pumpkins with each class. Through this service we were able to practice our math and bring a smile to everyone’s face. How wonderful to feel the immediate gratification of service!

May Wisdom Shine through Me
May Love Dwell within Me
May Strength Permeate Me
That in me May Arise
A Helper of Humankind
A Server of All Things
Selfless and True

Second Grade – Stories and Service

The Waldorf School of Bend cultivates academic excellence through our experiential curriculum rich in the arts, sciences and practical works. We honor each child’s unique spirit by building capacities of will, free thought, compassion and social responsibility. In this way, children develop with purpose to act as powerful world citizens.

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