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WSB’s Parent Portal is BigSIS. Here you can:

  • view the school directory
  • access required documents
  • update student or family information
  • pay tuition and fees
  • log volunteer hours

There is also a link to recover or change your password. For questions, contact Rachel Caldwell in the front office.

Friday Gathering Invitation for Families

Dear WSB Families, each Friday during our current school closure, we want to offer a way to meet virtually. Beginning May 1st at noon, we will host a Friday Gathering for all. Each week will be hosted by a different member of our faculty and staff and will highlight student work done during our Distance Learning program. We hope you can join us!

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Meeting ID: 717 9860 4756
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WSB Mission

The Waldorf School of Bend community forges an inspired path for modern learning and social renewal. From the insights of Rudolf Steiner, we cultivate academic excellence through our experiential curriculum rich in the arts, sciences and practical works. We honor each child’s unique spirit by building capacities of will, free thought, compassion and social responsibility. In this way, children develop with purpose to act as powerful world citizens.

You can review and get a copy of the latest Parent Handbook here.

To view our current vaccination rates, click here and here.

Annual Report Highlights

2018-2019 Annual Report Highlight


 Click here for   WSB 2020-21 annual calendar!

Continuous Enrollment Contract FAQs

How will I re-enroll my child for next school year?

The Continuous Enrollment Contract (CE) will renew automatically each year for successive school year terms until i) Student’s graduation or ii) the Contract is terminated. For currently enrolled families, your child(ren) will automatically be re-enrolled and the process is paperless. New families will need to complete the Continuous Enrollment Contract at time of admission to WSB.

Where will the tuition and fees be posted for the upcoming school year?

Each January WSB will publish the following school year’s tuition, tuition deposit, materials fees and information regarding tuition assistance. This will be posted on our website and via email newsletter.

Will there still be a re-enrollment fee every year?

Yes. The re-enrollment fee, referred to as the tuition deposit, is a non-refundable fee and may change at WSB’s discretion. The tuition deposit secures a place for your child(ren) and is a commitment to WSB of your child(ren) attending WSB for the upcoming school year. This fee is billed via Smart Tuition on April 1st for the upcoming school year.

What if I am applying for tuition assistance?

If you are applying for tuition assistance, please complete the Smart Aid application. Deadline to apply for tuition assistance is mid-January each year, giving both Smart Aid and our tuition assistance committee plenty of time to provide Family with a decision regarding their tuition assistance application well before the Withdrawal Deadline.

What if I choose not to re-enroll my child for the next school year?

If your situation has changed and you are not planning to re-enroll your child(ren) at WSB for the next school year, please notify our Admissions Director on or before March 15th of the then-current school year by submitting the Withdrawal Form. If Family provides WSB with Withdrawal Form on or before March 15th, Family is not obligated to pay tuition, tuition deposit or materials fees for the next school year.

Failure to timely provide such Withdrawal Form shall result in Family being obligated under this CE Contract to pay Student’s tuition and materials fees for the following school year as follows: i) if Family provides WSB the Withdrawal Form or withdraws Student after March 15th but before June 1st of the then current school year, the Family will be responsible for at least 50% of tuition for the following school year. ii) If Family provides WSB with Withdrawal Form or withdraws Student after June 1st of the then current school year, Family will be responsible for 100% of tuition for the following school year.

What if I am unsure of my intent to re-enroll my child(ren)?

We understand that circumstances change, which may cause some question about your child(ren)’s re-enrollment for the upcoming school year. If you wish to extend enrollment decisions until after the Withdrawal Deadline, you will need to request an extension of time in writing to the Admissions Director before the Withdrawal Deadline (March 15th). A non-refundable tuition deposit is required to receive an extension. Reasons that merit a request for an extension include significant events, such as: family separations, illnesses, relocation, employment change or an on-going SSP. If WSB is able to grant an extension past the Withdrawal Deadline, WSB shall notify the Family in writing prior to the Withdrawal Deadline.

Annual Events & Festivals

The natural rhythms of nature and time can be found at the heart of Waldorf education. Through celebrations and observance of yearly rhythm at WSB we establish a firm foundation for our children, build and strengthen our community, and nourish our relationship with nature. In addition to the community-wide festivals listed here, teachers celebrate other festivals in the classroom, including those connected to the cultures being studied or the religious traditions of the students in the class.

Remote & Onsite Operations Manual

Change is upon us. As we look to plan the coming school year, we realize that procedures and guidelines need to be in place to be more effective in times of unknown. We have listened to the feedback from our community regarding our current Distance Learning program and how our school closure has affected you. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that to be adaptable, innovative and creative is the way of the future. Waldorf education teaches this at its core and we have put that guiding practice into this operations manual that we share with you today.

The Remote & Onsite Operations Manual (ROOM) provides our community with a working guide for the 2020-21 school year and beyond as we sift through the evolution of this pandemic and how it will certainly alter the way WSB operates. If you have questions or comments on this guide, please contact our ROOM Leadership Team. Without further ado, meet ROOM! 

Fundraising and Volunteering at WSB

The Purpose of Giving

As a private school, fundraising is an essential component of school life. We strive to make this community endeavor interactive, easy, and an exciting way to meet our collective goals each year! There are many ways to give back to WSB - including giving your time through volunteering and service.

Financial gifts to our school make our mission possible - to educate, nurture, and grow students who will become compassionate, joyful, powerful world citizens. A gift represents a shared vision of academic excellence through Waldorf education. As WSB is supported, we give back to our communities - so a gift becomes a shared resource that reaches beyond our walls.

At the core of our Strategic Development Plan is the commitment to building and nurturing relationships with our families, individuals, organizations and businesses who share in our vision. The strength of our school depends on the contributions of our community. With your help, WSB will continue to grow and blossom.

 There are many ways to give at WSB:

  • Annual Fund Contributions
  • Volunteerism
  • Support/donate to our annual auction
  • WSB eScrip Program
  • Amazon Smile
  • Employee matching funds
  • Shopping at the 4 Gnomes School Store

4 Gnomes Store

Pop-up shopping is scheduled at our Friday Gatherings, festivals, and seasonal sales. Call 541-330-8841 to find out when the 4 Gnomes will be open. The 4 Gnomes Store is a unique source in Bend for all-natural and socially conscious toys, educational materials, books and hard-to-find craft supplies. Some of our many offerings include:

  • Wooden and natural toys for babies and children
  • Waldorf curriculum and art supplies for home
  • Uriel face, body and health products
  • Wool felt, roving and wool
  • Colored beeswax
  • Knitting yarns and supplies
  • Needle and wet felting supplies
  • Dollmaking supplies
  • Watercolor paints & painting supplies
  • Wonderful gift items, such as craft kits
  • Beeswax candles

Parent Council

Parent support is essential to the success of our school, and your participation is expected and embraced. Our community thrives on family involvement. Through our Parent Council (PC), mothers, fathers, and even grandparents are offered many opportunities to share their skills, talents, and love for the community. This all-volunteer, parent-run organization’s mission is to foster the well-being of the school community by facilitating communications among the bodies of the school, inspiring parent participation in school life, and organizing our efforts.

Parent Council activities include community building events and gatherings, parent education, open communication and outreach, faculty and staff support, and fund-raising endeavors. Examples include the annual Artworks mailing, school auction, and Feed the Faculty.

All parents and guardians of children currently enrolled at WSB are automatically considered members of the WSB PC. Each member is welcomed as a valuable contributor to the mission and goals of the council. The success of PC rests on the commitment and contributions of our parent body.

All members have a voice at Parent Council and may vote when making decisions. Parent Council is facilitated by two parent co-chairs who set meeting agendas and calendar, and who act as resources and support to Parent Council members working on ongoing projects.

WSB invites all interested parents to participate in our development as we work to create a structure that supports the needs, interests and concerns of our community.

Meetings will be held monthly at school and all are invited. Check the school calendar for dates.

Each grade has a class representative to Parent Council and their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Attend all PC meetings or arrange for a substitute from your class
  • Forward meeting minutes to class
  • Bring class input to Parent Council
  • Be knowledgeable about school policies as defined by the Parent Handbook
  • Welcome new families to our community and guide them to the New Parent Guide
  • Serve the interests and represent the opinions of the parents in your class
  • Participate in community events

Volunteer Needs

Community involvement is one of the foundational stones in Waldorf education. As our school verse says: “That as many hands build a house, So many hearts build a school.” — we are in need of your hands and your heart! There is much work to be done but no one said it couldn’t be fun! Below is a list of volunteer needs which need to be filled on a weekly, monthly basis. Parent Council is a great resource for giving direction if you have any questions.

  • Parent Council – Enriches the lives of parent community through education, outings, lectures, parenting issue discussion groups and other social events, volunteer coordination, meets monthly.
  • Annual Auction Committee – Plans and coordinates one of largest fundraisers for the school.
  • Hospitality – Supports administration and faculty by providing refreshments/food for open houses and other school-related events.
  • Marketing and Outreach – assist school’s enrollment efforts by strategizing new marketing and outreach ideas.
  • Buildings and Grounds – coordinates and assists building repairs and projects, lawn care, gardening, and playground.
  • Classroom Volunteer – assists in the classroom with various projects as requested by the teacher.
  • Parent Welcome – coordinates new family welcome events, matches new parents to a “buddy” family to assist the transition to our school.
  • Board of Directors – stewards of the school’s financial and legal obligations, strategic vision of School’s future goals and needs.
  • The 4 Gnomes Store – organizes and assists with inventory, merchandising, ordering, sales, and special fundraisers.
  • Festivals – supports faculty in organizing various festivals, including Michaelmas, Autumn Journey, Spiral of Lights, and May Faire.
  • Development – strategic planning of school’s fundraising activities, including Annual Fund, soliciting corporate giving and nonprofit grants.

Can you offer any of the following expertise? Grant Writing, Legal, Marketing/Sales, Software, website or general computer, Bookkeeping, Financial Management, Carpentry/Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Sprinkler/Irrigation, Landscape Design, Graphic Design Copywriting/ Editing, Fence Building/Repair, Hand Crafts (knitting, felting, needle-point, crochet, embroidery), Baking/catering… WE NEED YOU!!

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to sign up.

The Wanderlust Ball is the Waldorf School of Bend’s final major fundraiser of each academic year. Like most independent schools, fundraising is essential to closing the gap between tuition and operating expenses. Proceeds raised fulfill the operating budget of the current school year, and are essential to compensating our incredible teachers and keeping our vibrant curriculum alive. Watch for announcements each spring about this fantastically fun party to benefit WSB!