Supporting the Growing Child – At the Waldorf School of Bend we provide a warm, homelike environment for our 3 to 4 year olds.  Through creative free play, storytelling, songs and movement the young child experiences the world through their senses. Like all of our early childhood classrooms, we create a home away from home environment that meets the child’s developing needs.  Our classrooms are  furnished to look much like a home, with silk curtains, wool rugs, a rocking chair and wooden tables and chairs. Toys found in the classroom are made from natural fiber and materials. Teachers consciously choose playthings for the classroom that will nourish a young child’s senses, and surround them in beauty.

The three year old brings with them the joy of communication and companionship. They are in the season of life to ask many questions and life exploration. They love to help and be “big children” so we honor this through experiences in our classroom. Just as the one year old child mastered being upright, the three and four year old is learning through the exploration of language and movement. As caregivers of the young child we hold a great responsibility in supporting the possibilities for learning. We surround the children with love, joy and warm human relationships.  Our teachers are committed to understanding the developing needs of the children and are patient and kind as they support the children through these important and integral points of development.

Our staff is dedicated to Waldorf education, experienced in Early Childhood, certified in First Aid and CPR, food handlers, and have all required trainings as an Oregon Licensed Childcare Facility. They are committed to working alongside parents in supporting the child through a rhythmic life, good habits and experiencing a daily, weekly and yearly rhythm through the seasons.  We work in compliance with a 1:10 teacher ratio for all of our Pre-School classes with additional support from a floating teacher aide.

For information about how to apply to our Pre-School, visit the Admissions page of our website.

Daily Rhythm: Our teachers provide a daily rhythm that holds the two year old with security and comfort, but also allows space for soft transitions, play and wonder. An example of a day in the classroom might look like this: 

8:30-9:30 Morning drop off into morning play, clean up and prepare for circle time/potty time

9:30  Circle time (includes singing and fingerplay) 

9:45 snack time  

10:30 free play

11:00 potty time

11:30 lunch time

12:00 story time

12:15 to 12:30pm tea time and children not pre-registered in aftercare are picked up

12:30 Aftercare begins. Children look at books and do simple table activities (playdough etc.)

1pm rest time begins in aftercare (all children rest while teacher plays beautiful music and helps support their transition to this quiet time) 

  • Some children will sleep and some children will rest, we will accommodate both
  • All children will be woken up into quiet indoor activities and we will transition children to the potty and outdoor play

2:30 Children awake and aftercare rhythm continues

4:30pm Aftercare ends

Weekly Rhythm Activities

Monday    painting

Tuesday   playdough or clay

Wednesday  baking

Thursday   season crafts

Friday    caring for our room

Weekly Rhythm Snack

Monday Rice Day

Tuesday Oatmeal

Wednesday Baked goods

Thursday Quinoa

Friday Soup Day

For tuition and application info for our Pre-School visit the Admissions page of our website.