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School Director
Part-time Spanish Language Subject Teacher

Part-time Morning Care Lead Teacher
Part-time Woodworking Teacher

At the Waldorf School of Bend, education is a powerful vehicle for social change. Thus, core academic subjects are taught to ignite the imagination of students and teachers in order to help foster pragmatic and inspired solutions to the ever-growing challenges of our time. The rigorous academic curriculum allows students to move forward with a sense of strong social consciousness, strong academic skills, and a vibrant individuality to create their own futures. A strong reverence for nature and the desire to nurture the earth are primary foundations on which school practices are based.

We are an AWSNA Associate school, who is experiencing energetic and healthy growth in beautiful Bend, Oregon. As a WECAN Associate member school, we operate an Early Childhood Program (PreK, Mixed-aged Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes) serving children ages 3-6, a stand-alone Grades program (1st– 6th) and Jr. High program (7th & 8th). We are unique in that we operate a Jr. High to help students prepare for high school outside of Waldorf as currently there are no Waldorf high school options in Central Oregon.  Salary plus benefits including tuition remission, robust mentoring program, and financial support for professional development.


School Director

Classification: Full-Time, salaried position
Department: Administration
Reports to: Board of Directors

Primary Function  

The School Director provides inspiring leadership for the school’s shared vision, values and mission building meaningful relationships by facilitating timely and effective communication within the school community. The School Director ensures the successful operation of the school exercising fiscal, budgetary, safety, and legal authority as well as managing risk and school resources by defining, implementing, and managing school policies and procedures in collaboration with College of Teachers and Board of Directors.


1. Bachelor’s Degree and five years of experience in an educational setting with leadership responsibilities
2. A Master’s Degree in Education, Administration, or related field;
1. Anthroposophical training required
2. Waldorf Foundation Year training completed in the first two years of employment

A strong knowledge of education programs and Waldorf philosophy desired. It is highly desired that the School Director have significant experience as a teacher, administrator, and/or school director in a pre-K through grade 8 Waldorf School. Demonstrated ability to manage and supervise individuals and work within teams. Individual needs to be highly collaborative, organized, and efficient managing school resources and personnel. The School Director must be able to effectively communicate with students ranging in grades pre k-8 and their families. The School Director should have excellent interpersonal skills to foster healthy relationships among faculty, administrative staff, parents, College and Board members.  This individual should have strong written and verbal communications skills; with an ability to build relationships with community groups, current and prospective parents and the general public. The person in this position may be called upon to manage or even diffuse difficult situations. The School Director must be flexible and work effectively with the Board of Directors, College of Teachers, and parents.

The following skills are necessary:

  • Has a background that demonstrates the ability to lead organizations successfully through transformative growth
  • Experience in long-range planning, problem-solving, conflict resolution, collaborative leadership, employee management, and public relations
  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to identify areas where policy or program development is needed, and work collaboratively with appropriate individuals to bring plan to fruition
  • As a supervisor, the School Director has direct responsibility for the oversight and performance of Administrative Staff, including, but not limited to, the school’s: Director of Admissions, Operations Manager, Bookkeeper/Business Manager, and Educational Support
  • Knowledge of accepted business practices related to budget preparation, administration, insurance, facilities operations, safety, and planning
  • Maintain awareness of and communicate to appropriate groups regarding current trends in Waldorf and mainstream education
  • Proficiency in standard computer use and software applications (such as spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, accounting, word processing, website editing, and email)
  • Ability to represent school as an enthusiastic and articulate spokesperson
  • Availability to attend meetings outside regular school hours.

Examples of Duties

School Leadership

  • Responsible for coordinating multifaceted aspects of the school’s strategic vision plans and facilitates coordination among the school’s leadership bodies to achieve the stated goals and objectives
  • Responsible for and conscious of the overall parent experience
  • Monitors and addresses the well-being of the whole school community and facilitates positive interactions and working among school constituents
  • Represents Waldorf School of Bend and its values to the broader community, region and the Waldorf movement
  • Monitors and reports to the relevant bodies of the school regarding the effectiveness of school policies
  • Responds in a timely and appropriate manner to questions and concerns from community members, Board, staff and faculty
  • Oversees and leads parent orientation sessions and annual school meetings including State of the School, Faculty/Staff/Board retreats
  • Oversees admissions, enrollment, and attrition policy and goals working with Board, Faculty, and Staff
  • Provides support and oversight for fundraising activities
  • Crisis management dealing with unexpected situations, emergencies, risks/threats to the organization’s operations, mission or effectiveness
  • Oversees annual update of the parent and employee handbooks and ensure compliance

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Oversees the preparation of the school payroll and ensure proper maintenance of records related to auditing requirements, tax laws, and employee benefits.
  • Assists Board Treasurer and Finance Committee in the preparation of the annual school budget and implement all phases of the budget throughout the year
  • Provides daily oversight of school budgetary affairs as delegated by the Board of Directors and executed by the Operations Manager/Bookkeeper
  • Member of Finance Committee and attends all Finance Committee meetings
  • Collaborates with Board of Directors to facilitate fundraising and grant writing activities

Operations Responsibilities

  • Provides daily oversight of school operations, the management and implementation of the policies, procedures, and resources of the school as set by the Board and executed by the Operations Manager
  • Oversees security infrastructure/upgrades to enhance safety and security; Responsible for the physical security of all occupants of the school’s campus
  • Accountable for the compliance with all federal, state, county and local governing authorities relating to school operations
  • Accountable for reports to licensing and other regulatory agencies are prepared and executed in a timely and professional manner
  • Accountable for the application process relating to membership and accreditation with regional and national educational associations

Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Oversees the recruitment of faculty and school staff
  • Collaborates with College in establishing professional development growth plans and budgets
  • Oversees personnel resource planning, professional development, performance evaluations, the hiring and firing of personnel in partnership with the College of Teachers and in accordance with school policies and procedures
  • Manages and expands employee benefit plans in partnership with Finance Committee

Board Relations

  • Participates in monthly and ad hoc Board of Directors meetings, including Annual Board Retreat
  • Provides administrative support for the Board of Directors
  • Responsible for implementation and management of goals, policies, and procedures of the school as set by the Board of Directors
  • Provides administrative staffing to committees established by Board of Directors
  • Provides reports and consultation to Board monthly on fiscal, operations, enrollment, administrative and human resource activities

Terms of Employment
The School Director is a full-time position expected to work throughout the year, whether school is in or out of session. The exact work calendar, salary and benefits will be determined annually by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will conduct an annual review of this position.

Cover letters, biographies and resumes are currently being accepted. Come explore life and community in beautiful Bend, Oregon!
Send documents to:

Waldorf School of Bend                                                      or e-mail to:
Attn:  Darren Hansen                                                
2150 NE Studio Rd., Ste 2                                                  Attn:  Darren Hansen


Part-time Spanish Language Teacher for the remainder 2018/19 school year and following years.

This position serves our upper grades students and is expected to teach three classes a week for grades 5 – 8.  This teacher works in partnership with our lower grades Spanish teacher serving students in Kindergarten through grade 4.  Previous language teaching is highly desired, as is Waldorf teaching experience. Our upper grades language program is designed to emphasize culture, engaging activities, and to expand student’s reading, writing and speaking of Spanish.  Anticipated weekly teaching hours are 15 (12 contact hours in the classroom, and 3 preparation hours). Individuals should embody a loving, creative and even-tempered demeanor and have the initiative to build and guide a strong program offering for our students.  

Cover letters, biographies and resumes are currently being accepted now. 

Come explore life and community in beautiful Bend, Oregon!
Send documents to:

Waldorf School of Bend                                                      or e-mail to:
Attn:  Darren Hansen                                                
2150 NE Studio Rd., Ste 2                                                  Attn:  Darren Hansen



Part-time Morning Care Lead Teacher

We are seeking a part-time Morning Care Lead Teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. The position requires an individual who has a minimum of 2 years’ experience as a teacher in a Child Care facility or school, or equivalent BA/BS or AA/AS educational degree/certificate.  Individuals will need to meet the Oregon Office of Child Cares criteria to be “Lead Teacher” qualified.  The ideal candidate has led educational programs with children ages 3-11 in a mixed age setting for a least one year, providing a range of developmentally appropriate instruction and activities.  For this position a teacher must be flexible with a drop-in program, meaning ability to work with a variety of students each day and able to quickly adjust to changes in the attendance throughout the morning.   We strive to provide a heartfelt and inclusive environment, so a warm and dynamic personality is best for the children we work with. Someone with experience in Waldorf education or other holistic learning environments is highly desirable.  The person in this position must hold a current OR Food Handler’s Card, be CPR and First Aid certified, and be enrolled or meet the criteria to be enrolled in the OR Central Background Registry. Ideally this candidate would also become a preferred substitute teacher for our Early Childhood programs through out the year.

Cover letters, biographies and resumes are currently being accepted. Come explore life and community in beautiful Bend, Oregon!
Send documents to:

Waldorf School of Bend                                                      or e-mail to:
Attn:  Darren Hansen                                                
2150 NE Studio Rd., Ste 2                                                  Attn:  Darren Hansen
Bend, OR 97701


Part-time Woodwork Teacher

The Waldorf School of Bend is seeking to employ an inspired individual who loves working with children in grades 5-8 teaching various aspects of the Waldorf woodwork curricula. Ideally, we would prefer our prospective teachers to have Waldorf training. However, candidates with experience in working with the Waldorf curricula in general, manual or hand-focused woodworking as well as a passion for teaching are encouraged to apply. Woodwork classes are typically 50 minutes long and are offered throughout the week, projected to be a total of 10 hours per week including class preparation time.

Cover letters, biographies and resumes are currently being accepted. Come explore life and community in beautiful Bend, Oregon!
Send documents to:

Waldorf School of Bend                                                      or e-mail to:
Attn:  Darren Hansen                                                
2150 NE Studio Rd., Ste 2                                                  Attn:  Darren Hansen
Bend, OR 97701
Bend, OR 97701


We welcome your visit to the Waldorf School of Bend! Experience our morning rhythm, and visit a main lesson in each grade. After your classroom visits, we are here to discuss Waldorf philosophy, answer questions, and explore whether the Waldorf approach is a fit for your child and your family. Because we visit classes in session, adults only please. There are other opportunities for your children to visit at our Open Houses.

Beginning in autumn, scheduled tours are held on each Tuesday morning beginning at 9:30. Tours alternate between our grades and early childhood programs. Call Sarah Rucker, Admissions Director, at 541-330-8841 to reserve your spot.

The Waldorf School of Bend cultivates academic excellence through our experiential curriculum rich in the arts, sciences and practical works. We honor each child’s unique spirit by building capacities of will, free thought, compassion and social responsibility. In this way, children develop with purpose to act as powerful world citizens.

p. (541) 330 - 8841
f. (541) 330-9713