Parent Council has met several times this year with great enthusiasm, community and dedication.  Monthly meetings are the first Wednesday of each month 8:30am-10am with project team meetings happening at times that suit participants’ schedules.  As we consider our school-wide theme of Building a Waldorf Community: You Are the Light there is a shared passion for Parent Council’s role in shining its light on deepening Parent Enrichment opportunities this year. Come take part in discussions, artistic exploration, inspirational talks, etc as part of upcoming Tuesday night potlucks in the Great Room each month.  Other project teams include:

  • Green Team, who will be adding a student team with representatives from each grade,
  • Small Stream Funding that often includes community opportunities,\– Farm and Garden Team to continue to grow our garden and bring more farm elements into our school environment,
  • Winter Faire and May Faire Festivals Team, who will continue to vision and offer these festivals that are offered in coordination with our faculty,
  • 4 Gnomes Store and its beautiful handmade Waldorf curriculum inspired offerings,
  • School Environment and Beautification Team, whose will continue to manifest beauty, meaning and purpose into our space.

If any of these projects ignite your inner light, feel free to check in with your classroom PC representative or stop Laura Holtsberg or Ann Boyd, PC Chairs, in the hallway to find out how to get involved.

At our first book group meeting for Partnerships of Hopes: Building Waldorf School Communities we shared gratitude for the opportunity to receive a beautiful, purposeful education for our children and we agreed that our connections to the Waldorf teachings and the Waldorf School of Bend are gifts that grow us as parents, families and community members.  Our next meeting to continue to discuss this book is November 30th, 5:30-7pm with fabulous upper grades childcare provided.  We decided we would also love to share a meal as we continue to be inspired by author Christopher Schaefer’s call to become the seeds of a new society.

In Schaefer’s words; “In creating a school, we are indeed creating a living being, whose destiny may be unknown to us, but which requires our love and ongoing commitment to flourish.”  The development of this living being of a Waldorf school is an opportunity to create a new social and community form that offers all members from children, to faculty, to administration, to parents and families to engage in “a process of self-transformation and development”.

It is our vision, for Parent Council and each of us as parents, to bring the power of our commitment to this “conscious culture of leadership, learning and service,” that activates our higher ideals in our personal, family and community lives.

Parent Council Mission:

Parent Council is a guiding light for our school. Alongside faculty and the board of directors, we as Parent Council facilitate communication and inspire participation in the stewardship, celebrations, and social life of our school.

Building a Waldorf Community with WSB’s Parent Council

Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility – these three forces are the very nerve of education.
-Rudolf Steiner

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