Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

Rob Clemens

Rob Clemens

Board Member, President

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Dustin Urban

Dustin Urban

Board Member, Vice President

Dustin Urban first encountered Waldorf education in 2nd grade when he joined the Bay School, a Waldorf elementary school on the coast of Maine, which he attended through 8th grade. It was during these formative years that Dustin developed a true love of learning thanks to the Waldorf curriculum and the incredible teachers it tends to attract. 
Dustin went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Politics from Princeton University and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He now practices as a therapist here in Bend.
Dustin and his wife Katie moved to Oregon from Colorado 5 years ago and have two children at WSB. During his teens and twenties, Dustin was a World Champion Kayaker and 9x member of the US Freestyle Kayak Team. He is an avid outdoor athlete and loves getting outside and exploring the region, whether surfing, snowboarding, mushroom foraging, climbing or kiteboarding.
Ben Selznick

Ben Selznick

Board Member, Treasurer

Ben Selznick currently owns and operates an alfalfa farm in Christmas Valley, Oregon.  Before a career in farming Ben lived in Montana where he finished a BA in Photography from Montana State. During his 12 years in Montana, Ben had a career as a professional kayaker, finished his degree and earned a commercial pilots license. 

He and his wife Lael have 2 children attending WSB.  Ben joined the WSB Board in 2019.

Ben is very passionate about aviation, mountain biking, river trips, skiing and playing with friends and family

Nicole Handley

Nicole Handley

Board Member, Secretary

Nicole Handley moved to Bend, Oregon from Acton, CA. She spent 22 years as one of
the Film industry’s leading animal trainers. After years of traveling the world from Sri
Lanka to Costa Rica Nicole had her daughter Hailey and knew it was time to slow the
pace and find a community to settle down in. Passionate about animals and the great
outdoors Bend was a natural fit. Growing up skiing the Oregon Mountains with her
hippy father Nicole always felt in her heart that Oregon was home. Nicole loves the
outdoors and most activities that take place there. Waldorf Education has been in
Nicole’s heart from the very moment she started the journey of learning “What is
Waldorf”. Nicole loves that Waldorf School of Bend is a tight knit community with
likeminded, caring and kind families that love the outdoors.
Rachel Caldwell

Rachel Caldwell

Board Member, Early Childhood rep

Rachel Caldwell says, “I’m personally committed as both a teacher and a parent to our school. I love seeing my children anxious to go to school each morning. There is such a feeling of joyful learning every day.” Mrs. Caldwell’s Early Childhood classroom is truly a “magical kingdom,” where you will find the children thriving in the midst of beauty, peace, play, and purpose.

Mrs. Caldwell has more than six years of experience in Waldorf Early Childhood classrooms. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Finance from North Carolina State University, and Mention Bien in Study of French Language, Institut de Francais, Ville Franche Sur Mer, France. Rachel has completed 3 of the 4 years of training for her Waldorf Early Childhood certification.

Along with her three children—all of whom attend WSB—and her husband, she moved to Bend in 2006 from Atlanta, Georgia, to be surrounded by nature and family. Mrs. Caldwell considers herself fortunate to have her parents and sister living in Bend, as well. They all love hiking, biking, skiing, and camping in beautiful Central Oregon.

Meghan Allsopp

Meghan Allsopp

Board Member, Grades Faculty rep

Meghan Allsopp is a lifelong learner. From a young age, the outdoors was her favorite classroom wherever her family moved and travelled. She learned to be adaptive and very curious, handling new experiences with patient ease. College brought her to the University of Vermont where she majored in Studio Art and Psychology. There she volunteered for the Outdoor Program and Student Life; teaching canoeing, rock climbing, backpacking and other wilderness skills as well as hosting cultural and art-based events for the community. Her love of farming and gardening took her to teach at school gardens, farms, and a therapeutic horticultural program for adolescents and young adults in Hawaii.

Education can be a healthy and healing element in children’s lives. Waldorf Education appealed to Meghan’s love of integrating the experiential, artistic, and ensouled quality that teachers in a Waldorf School strive to cultivate. This led Meghan to the Eugene Waldorf Teacher Training program, from which she graduated with a certificate in teaching Grades 1-8 in 2015.
Miss Allsopp loves Bend with its energetic sunny disposition, enjoys hiking, canoeing the Mackenzie river, gardening, and cooking elaborate meals with friends and family.