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Introducing our expanded Parent Toddler program!

Our Parent-Toddler program offers a gentle first experience for young ones to join in the rhythm of a nurturing class. Parents and caregivers participate with their child in a seasonal circle time and mindful movement, preparing and sharing daily snack, and creating...

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New Waldorf 100 film – Becoming

We are celebrating 100 years of Waldorf education worldwide. "Becoming" is the third film in a series of short films produced on the occasion of the centenary of Waldorf Education under the direction of the award-winning Californian documentary filmmaker Paul Zehrer,...

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Calling all Summer Campers!

It's time to register for the Waldorf School of Bend's summer camp for children ages 3 1/2 to 6 1/2! We are so excited to share summer camp adventures with your child. This summer we offer two fun filled weeks, each with their own exciting theme for our littlest...

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Waldorf vs. Mainstream Education Curriculum

When parents first come to a Waldorf school from a public school environment, they will notice many differences. These often make broad brush stroke impressions such as: “this school seems art centric, it values nature, limits technology and the children are allowed...

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Waldorf 100 – The Films, part 2

Waldorf Education has been around for close to 100 years. Discover why it is the fastest growing educational movement in the world. After the great success of part 1 of our film "Learn to Change the World", the second part deals with encounter, engagement and...

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Second Grade – Stories and Service

In second grade students find themselves in juxtaposition to the world they have known, and the world yet to come. With a full year of grade school behind them, they enter the year with confidence and a sense of knowing. They still have every desire to please those...

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Supporting Food Security in Central Oregon

Nourishing education starts down in the belly at the Waldorf School of Bend (WSB). Walk through the halls of a Waldorf School and one can usually smell something delicious wafting through the air. Teachers and parents here love cultivating a deep relationship to one’s...

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How do we support big emotions in our children?

Waldorf School of Bend held its first “First Friday Gathering” October 5th in the Great Room at our school.  2nd Grade and Jr. High each shared work they are exploring in their classrooms so far this year. On First Fridays at WSB, Parent Council and our faculty...

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5th grade curriculum highlight – Botany

Botany is the science of the fifth grader, recapitulating their lives thus far through a picture of the plant world growing in complexity from the fungi and mosses through to the trees.  By the end of the fifth grade year, their foundations have been solidified and,...

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The Waldorf School of Bend cultivates academic excellence through our experiential curriculum rich in the arts, sciences and practical works. We honor each child’s unique spirit by building capacities of will, free thought, compassion and social responsibility. In this way, children develop with purpose to act as powerful world citizens.

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