About WSB


Established in 1997, the Waldorf School of Bend offers a holistic, developmentally appropriate education to children from preschool through 8th grade in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

We are passionate about providing a unique learning environment for our students that will allow them to thrive and flourish in today’s ever-changing world. We help our students grow into socially conscientious, independent thinkers who care about humanity and the natural environment, and who have the skills of resilience, flexibility, and strength of character. Our future depends on educating children who can adapt to these changing times.

Our youngest students are warmly nurtured and supported by caring teachers and a research-supported play-based learning environment, so that they can grow up to become confident, secure and capable.

Our grades program provides a joyful curriculum which integrates the arts with academics to provide a rich, hands-on learning experience. Whether performing a theater monologue, conducting a chemistry experiment, or knitting a hat, our grades students are exposed to a variety of learning modalities that allows each child to discover their gifts and passion.

Welcome to the Waldorf School of Bend – a place to grow, thrive, and find purpose.